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Specifies the address of the customer. Not all fields always contain valid data, e.g. province is only valid for some few countries, most customers will not enter their phone number, etc. This structure contains the following fields:

Variable NameObjectDescriptionNote
address1 string Contains the basic address (usually street and street number).  
address2 string If there is any additional address information (e.g. apartment 6b), it is stored in this field.  
city string Returns the name of the city.  
company string If the customer is a company, the company name is stored in this field.  
country string Returns the name of the country (e.g. Germany)  
country_code string Returns the ISO two-letter country code (e.g. US = USA, DE = Germany).  
first_name string Contains the first name of the customer.  
last_name string Returns the last name of the customer.  
name string Returns the full name of the customer (first name + last name).  
phone string This field contains the phone number of the customer (if available).  
province string Returns always an empty string for now.  
province_code string Some countries have also several provinces (like USA or Canada), in that case this field will contain the province code (e.g. AZ = Arizona, BC = British Columbia)  
street string Returns the address1 and address2 fields combined.  
zip string Contains the ZIP code of the city (in some cases in combination with the street).