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Please check the following topics to drive more traffic to your shop and increase your shop's revenue.


Drive more traffic

Did you submit your shop’s URL to search engines, business directories and related industry publications? 

For any shop it is very important to get found by customers. Customers typically use general search engines like Google or Bing but in many cases specialized business directories or listings in related industry publications are also a very important source of traffic.

General search engines

General search engines like Google and Bing will automatically detect and index your FlickRocket shop. However, since this might take some time, you might want to submit your shop URL manually to search engines. Vurtually any search engine provides links for doing so but there are also services available, which can do this for you.

Business directories and related industry publications

Most shops are related to existing business areas which often have special publications, related websites, etc which provide listings. Some of these services are free while some other may cost. In case you should explorer ways to get listed and drive traffic to your shop.


Did you consider running ads on Google, Bing or other related websites? 

Running paid ads on Google, Bing or other related web sites are often a great way to generate relevant traffic for your shop. It is easy to start (typically you'll even get a free starter package) and you can grow your investment in parallel to your returns. There are many good resources on how to get started with paid ads, so we'll not dive into details here.


Do you use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.) to promote your shop? 

Social networks can be a great way to attract new traffic for your shop. For most effective usage, Flickrocket shops can be integrated with your social account. 

The most relevant ways to generate traffic from social network activities are as follows:

  • Use your social accounts to grow your network and direct contacts to your shop (e.g. by offering promotions, etc.)
  • Use the FlickRocket integration to let your customers share postings about products they have purchased from you and so spread the word
  • Use the paid ads functions of social networks

As with everything social, the most important part is to keep your social account live and attractive...


Do you work with other companies or bloggers to promote your shop? 

In many cases it is a good strategy to work with well connected bloggers or companies in related areas to spread the word about your shop. Just start by finding a realted party and work out what you can do with them...


Did you try email send-outs to inform potential customers about your shop? 

If you have already a list of interested potential customers, emaling them with information offerings aout your shop can be very effective. For small shops you can probably do this with "stand alone" maling programs while for larger groups of recipients specialized services exist.

Just be sure that you have the agreement that you are allowed to send the emails as otherwise it would be categorized as SPAM, which can have huge negative consequences.


Did you use FlickRocket’s SEO features to get your products found with the right keywords? 

When you set up your shop, did you use FlickRocket's SEO features? While Flickrocket does a pretty good job to get SEO right automarically, based on your  shop ad product descriptions, it is typcially a very good idea to go in a fine tune the data. In many cases you'll also notice that you have left out relevant information which can help customers find your store.

SEO is a big topic on it's own and we'll not dive in deep here, as there are many very good resources to be found online. 


Did you set up analytics tools to better understand and optimize your traffic? 

Using analytics tools is very important part to understand and grow your shop's traffic. Google analytics is already integrated with FlickRocket and only a few clicks away.

While we can't explain the details of Google Analytics (or other tools) in detail here, we can only stree that understanding your shop's traffic is key to growing sales. 


Increase conversions

Offer special deals and discounts

Many customers are more likely to purchase if you offer special deals, discounts, limited availability, etc. You can easily do all these things with your Flickrocket shop - just get the word out.


Are you using an attractive theme? Did you use the theme’s design options? 

The initial view of the shop is an extremely important factor to grow sales. Therefore the theme you use and how you adapt it to your special needs is crucial for a successful shop.

Dig you select an attractuve theme from the FlickRocket The Store? Did you use the Theme Editor or HTML editing to get the best result? If you don't have experience with web design, there are many services offring help or you can also contact Flickrocket.

Just make sure, that any visitor has a perfect first impression when you shop opens.


Do you use high quality, helpful images and descriptions for your products? 

Visual appearance is extremely important. In additiona to a great theme, this means that you need to use great pictures. Even for products, which are not very visual (e.g. a service) it is very important to have great looking pictures in the store. these pictures are a big part of the first impression which is half way to a sale.

Another important and often overlooked parts are the titles and descriptions for your products.  Always keep in mind that many things which you think of as obvious, are probably less obvious for potential customers - even if they are, som customer want confirmations. So better write a bit more than not enough - and by the way, this is also a great benefit for serch engines.


Did you categorize your products in meaningful ways to let them easier be found? 

Depending on the number of products you offer, it can be important to categorize them into meaningful categories. Categories prive potential customers an effective way to browse your offerings based on their interest without having to know a "search term" or take the time to look though the complete offering.

Categories are part of every theme and can be defined in levels based on your need. Products can exist in multipel categories at the same time.


Are your products also available in competing shops? Did you compare pricing?

If your products are also available in competing shops, you should investigate their offering and based on the results, refine yours. Does the competing shop cater to the same customers? What is the pricign structure? What other products are they offering? Any special deals?

Knowing your competition is crucial for a successful shop. So do your homework..


Are you offering the payment methods your customers expect?

In many cases the reason why customers refrain from buying, is a problem or uncertainty with the payment system the shop offers. Therefore we highly recommend to offer at least the most widely used payment types (in most cases "credit card") and not requiring the setup of an individual payment accounts (as this often consuses customers).