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General Shop Settings

The general settings are accessed under ‘Shop -> General -> Settings’. On this page you can change most of the settings you did when you signed up with the exception of the company data/address.

Besides the payment data, the tax options, the production and shipping partners, you can set the following advanced settings:

  • Enable user ratings for content

    If you enable this option, ratings which your customers do for products are displayed as stars in your shop(s).

  • Category dependent display of “News”, “Bestsellers” and “Coming Soon” areas

    If you set this checkbox, the products in the “News”, “Bestsellers” and “Coming Soon” areas are category  dependent, meaning if you change the category, different products based on the current category will be displayed. If you leave it empty, the boxes always show the products from all categories.

  • Require birthday

    If this option is enabled, the customer has to enter his birthday on checkout and the shop uses this to make sure that every customer is at least 18 years old.

  • Require agreement to terms of use for Digital Copy/E-Copy

    If this checkbox is checked, customers using the digital copy/e-copy functionality have to accept the terms of use before they can continue.

  • Add Conversion Tracking Code

    If this checkbox is set, the code inserted into the text field is inserted into the payment confirmation page, allowed services like Google track the purchase and reference corresponding ad clicks.

  • Sort Order

    This setting allows you to change how the products in the shop are sorted – by release date or in alphabetical order.

  • Number of items per catalog page

    With this setting you can define how many products the shop displays per page.