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Content Owner FAQ

Please see below for common questions and answers.


General Questions

Q: Can I try the FlickRocket tools for free?
A: Yes. Simply sign up and download the tools for encoding. After this you can also apply for the free BASIC account which allows you to use the basic web functionality and set up your own shop. If you want to read more details about FlickRocket first, you can have a look at the FlickRocket manual.

Q: Which payment methods does FlickRocket support?
A: FlickRocket currently supports Visa Card, Master Card, Debit, Paypal and many more.

Q: How do I receive the money for content I sell through FlickRocket?
A: you can use your own payment methods or if Flickrocket collects the money on your behalf, it is transferred monthly by wire transfer to your bank account.

Q: How do I embed the FlickRocket web shop into my site?
A: You can embed the web shop either via sub domain, by linking to it or by embedding it as an iframe into your site. The shop can be customized by a simple html template to meet the design of your page.

Q: Does FlickRocket support multiple license models?
A: Yes, you can define multiple different licenses such as rental, download to own, download to burn, etc. Multiple license models can be used for the same content.

Q: When I sell a download-to-burn license, is the resulting DVD copy protected?
A: Yes. FluxDVD uses SecureBurn and/or CSS to protect recordable media.

Q: Can content purchased from FlickRocket be used on the PC, Mac and mobile devices (iOS, Android)?
A: All content can be used on the PC, MacOS and mobile devices (iOS, Android). This includes all DVD features such as menus, etc.

Q: How many different pieces of content can I sell?
A: There is no limitation on the number of sales.


Usage Questions

Q: How can I login to the FlickRocket web site?
A: Simply on the main page (http://www.flickrocket.com)

Q: Can I define my own categories?
A: Yes, you can define your own categories and every piece of content can get assigned to multiple categories.

Q: Can I prepare the content myself?
A: Yes, you can download the free encoding tools from FlickRocket and encode/prepare your content on your own. Alternatively you can use the FlickRocket encoding service.

Q: How do I upload the content to FlickRocket?
A: You can upload the content by using the FlickRocket Upload Tool which comes as part of the FlickRocket software.