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Content sharing between separate shops

The Content Sharing function enables you to make your content available to other shops as well using your shop to sell content from other shop owners.

The content must explicitly be made available to the destination shop which usually involves an agreement regarding revenue sharing between the two shops.

Important: FlickRocket only reports the content sales to both the original content owner and the receiving web shop. All financial transactions happen outside of FlickRocket.

Making your content available to other shops

To make your content (or a part of it) available to other web shops, you need to use the ‘Projects -> Project sharing’ function.

share content 1

Note: By marking the “Default to adding new projects automatically to this group” you can make sure that new projects are automatically shared in this group.

You can create multiple sharing groups to which you can assign different projects. Once the group is set up, you can grant permissions to other shops simply by entering the email address of the shop owner.

share content grant permission

The shop owner will receive a permission email which he can accept by clicking the acceptance link in the email.

Selling shared content from other shops in your shop

Once you accept the sharing, you can set up new projects based on the shared content and associate them with your own license models and pricing.

To create such a project, you need to use project type “Based on shared project” under “Projects -> New project”.

shared content sales

All descriptions and meta data are automatically carried over to the newly created project.

Reviewing sales data of shared content

The sales data of shared content is listed separately on your ‘Shop -> Sales Summary’ page once you share your content with others or start selling content shared from others.

shared content review sales

This data is accessible from both parties and is usually used as the basis for payments between them.